barcelona 2020

The Global Currency Forum is a new proposition for a new era. The ICA have come together to create a flagship, future-focused, thought-leadership forum that will directly impact the future role of cash in a changing payment landscape.

This will be a content-rich, multi-platform experience that will showcase innovation and new technology, share global best practice and host frank conversations.

get involved. have your say.
21-24 september 2020

a thought leadership forum
powered by community

posing the right questions

It is clear that cash will continue to play an important role across the global monetary landscape. If we believe the current hype, we will transition from cash being integral to society, to an entirely cashless world – all within our lifetime. But cash remains the first-choice payment method for the majority of people across the globe.

So, the question isn’t ‘will cash survive?’, but rather: ‘what is the future role of cash? And how can we evolve it responsibly, efficiently, effectively and sustainably?'

what's different

Customers and stakeholders have told us they are looking for insight and expertise on wider societal issues related to the industry.

The Global Currency Forum will champion 360º perspectives, inviting participation from beyond the traditional currency industry players to encourage meaningful debate and bigger conversations.

Above all, it is an opportunity for all players – large and small – to have their voices heard. For central banks, regulation authorities, mints and state printworks, banks, cash management companies and all those along the currency value chain to challenge the status quo, and to be empowered to lead the industry into the future.

the role of the ICA

The International Currency Association exists to create one coherent voice for the currency industry – covering design, production, manufacturing and distribution. We are the first industry body of its kind with a membership made up of businesses that span the sector.

Our aim is to help balance the future payments conversation, raise the profile of cash as a vital part of the monetary landscape, and form a community of thought leaders, influencers and innovators who will determine the future of the industry.